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Have you ever wondered what you could get by travelling and exploring? Well, we sure have, and this gives us a good reason to tell you about Los Tacos. As you may have already noticed, tacos come from South America, more precisely Mexico. The only difference is that our modern version has a French touch, which renders it more exquisite. Let us go back to 2001 when the famous taco led its way to France, until 2005 when it changed the entire dynamics of the fast food industry. It has been raising the customers’ interest ever since. What makes the LOS TACOS stand different is that you can choose whatever types of meat you want and mix them in a taco sandwich which will fill your mouth with rich flavours the second you taste it. We will definitely not stop there, but also offer you many already prepared French dressings, which your taste buds will be anxious to try. And if that didn’t make your mouth water, we saved the best for last. Our delicious home-made dressing, poured right on top, gives you an explosion of flavours. Once you taste tacos, you will never want to try anything else. 

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Schweppes Mojito
0,33 l - 6,0 lei

Schweppes Agrum
0,33 l - 6,0 lei

Oasis Tropical
0,33 l - 6,0 lei

Oasis Red Currant
0,33 l - 6,0 lei

Coca Cola
0,5 l - 5 lei

0,5 l - 5 lei

Cristaline Strawberries
0,5 l - 6 lei

0,5 l - 5 lei

0,5 l - 5 lei












LosTacos French Touch, the first East-European chain of fast food establishments!

Franchise advantages

How to become a franchisee
- LosTacos French Touch, the first East-European chain of fast food establishments!
- Flawless hygiene rules
- Unrivalled diversity of menus!
Oriented and promising market!
A solid, well organised and structured chain!
A modern concept under full development!
Join the LosTacos French Touch network!

LosTacos French Touch if offering you a true opportunity! Thanks to LosTacos French Touch, you will be able to create your own business based on a modern concept under full development, acquire high-quality experience, strong marketing, theoretical and practical training. LosTacos French Touch managed to prove its worth and asks for your full participation, in order to succeed together. In a few years’ time you will be able to manage several restaurants. LosTacos French Touch has been mentioned as a national reference for kebabs. LosTacos French Touch is a solid, well organised and structured chain.

The LosTacos French Touch CONCEPT 
The LosTacos French Touch concept emerged after years of research. LosTacos French Touch knew how to attract increasingly more clients in search of a quality Tacos, in restaurants adapted to the high requirements of every client. We knew how to stand out from the crowd thanks to our flawless hygiene rules and a diversity of menus, with the aim to give our clients as many options as possible. 

LosTacos French Touch has implemented permanent and mandatory inspections, in addition to the state authorities’ inspections. Each supplier is chosen according to his capacity to observe our rules and requirements: traceability, hygiene standards and quality requirements.

Quality primary product

With LosTacos French Touch you will put forward a balanced sandwich, with high-quality fresh ingredients. Thanks to our partner factory, we can supply the best ingredients for tacos. The meat we use, the main ingredient of our products, is made after an original recipe which was specially studied for our society. The hygiene rules are of highest importance and the quality level is unparalleled.

Constant testing
On the tacos market you can find everything for everybody. We managed to stand out from the crowd by applying flawless hygiene rules and a diversity of menus, with the aim to offer our clients an assortment as varied as possible. In order to track our goods on a day-by-day basis, we chose to work with renowned companies to benefit from their reliability and quality.

A successful business

- A trademark of national reference, renowned for the quality tacos.
- Theoretical and practical training regarding our working methods.
- Accessible and simple supply.
- Support in finding the commercial premises.
- Support in finding funding sources.
- Constant monitoring, because your success is our success!

LosTacos French Touch is leading the way to the world of tacos! 
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Romania - Ploiesti Km 6
Tel: 0728.639.477
E-mail: office@lostacos.ro

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